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In a market flooded with options, BattMow stands out, not just for our products but for the comprehensive experience we offer. Here’s a snapshot of what sets our cordless hedge trimmers apart from the rest:

  • Quality and performance: Every product under the BattMow banner is chosen with meticulous care. We don’t just sell them; we ensure that every equipment meets the highest quality and performance standards.
  • Industry expertise: Experience speaks volumes. With a legacy spanning more than two decades, our deep-rooted knowledge in the industry ensures you’re in expert hands.
  • Hands-on experience: We offer hands-on demonstrations, allowing you to witness the prowess of the hedge cutters firsthand. Plus, our tailored recommendations ensure you get the right tool for your specific needs.
  • Professional installation: Our specialists ensure that every equipment is installed perfectly and that you’re trained to harness its full potential.
  • Dedicated service: With our maintenance agreements, you’re assured of continued optimal performance and a safeguarded investment.

Benefits of using a battery-powered cordless hedge trimmer

Battery-powered landscape equipment, unlike petrol hedge trimmers and electric hedge trimmers, is a modern convenience considered a game-changer in landscaping. They bring tangible benefits to the table, like the following:

  • Eco-friendly: At BattMow, we champion a vision for a greener future. Our powerful equipment has zero direct emissions compared to petrol hedge trimmers, are a testament to this commitment, ensuring every trim contributes to a healthier environment.
  • Time-saving and consistent coverage: Gone are the days of uneven hedges and missed spots. With a battery-powered cordless hedge trimmer’s razor-sharp blades, every sweep is consistent, ensuring your hedges looks pristine in a fraction of the time.
  • Quiet operation: These clippers operate with a whisper, ensuring you can maintain your landscape without waking the neighbourhood.
  • Cost-effectiveness: While the initial investment might be higher, the savings in fuel, maintenance, and time make a battery-powered cordless hedge trimmer a wise choice for the future. Think of it as an investment in efficiency and sustainability.

Shop for battery-powered cordless hedge trimmers at BattMow today!

Husqvarna cordless hedge trimmer technology

When it comes to trimming shrubs and hedges, the tools you choose can make all the difference. An ordinary pole hedge trimmer can injure your legs if the blades hit them as they are long and can be difficult to control. On the other hand, the cord of a regular electric hedge trimmers can restrict your movement when maintaining the lawn. At BattMow, the Husqvarna stand out not just for their power but for the advanced technologies they possess. Here’s a closer look at the innovations that make these equipment a cut above the rest:

  • Brushless motor: A leap from traditional brushed motors, the brushless variant offers enhanced efficiency. This means longer operation times on a single charge, ensuring you get more done in one go.
  • Lithium-ion battery: Lightweight yet powerful, this battery type ensures prolonged runtimes, letting you tackle extensive hedges without frequent recharges.
  • Vibration control system: By minimising vibrations, this system ensures reduced fatigue, allowing for longer, more comfortable trimming sessions.
  • Blade sharpening system: This automatic sharpening ensures the blades are ready for consistent, efficient cuts every time.
  • Anti-kickback system: This feature prevents sudden jolts when the trimmer encounters an obstacle, ensuring a smoother trimming experience.
  • Tool-free blade adjustment:
    Blade adjustments on the fly are a breeze, eliminating the need for additional tools and making the process seamless.
  • LED light: For those early morning or late evening trims, the integrated LED light ensures you have a clear view of your workspace.
  • Longer blade stroke and telescopic shaft: We offer more than just the regular pole hedge trimmer. Tackling thicker shrubbery or reaching taller ones is simplified with a longer blade stroke and an adjustable shaft.

In the lineup, models like the Husqvarna 115iHD45, 520iHD60, 520iHE3, and 520iHT4 each bring a unique blend of these technologies. While they all promise a superior trimming experience, it’s essential to explore the specifics of each model at our shop to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer: Sales, Installation, and Service

Your journey with BattMow goes beyond simply visiting our online shop, selecting a cordless hedge trimmer. We’ll guide you from selection to service. In the selection process, we assist in finding the ideal equipment, considering your unique landscaping needs. Then we take you through installation and training; our specialists ensure a smooth start, acquainting you with all features of your chosen hedge trimming equipment.

After the purchase, you can continue to enjoy peace of mind with our certified service and regular inspections. Elevate your landscaping experience with us. Schedule a free demonstration or connect with our team for personalised recommendations. Reach out to us today and find out more about our products.