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Our team at BattMow is made out of a team of robotic lawnmower, and battery-operated lawn care product specialists. We always strive to make it easy for people in managing their property. Regardless of the size of your property, we have the right automated and battery solution to take good care of your property.

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We’re here to help you get a better lawn and garden while helping the environment!

Are you looking for a hassle-free method to maintain a good-looking lawn and garden while saving you valuable time? Then you should be investing in a robotic lawn mower and battery-operated garden equipment. Our experienced team at BattMow is there to help you with it.

BattMow specializes in the sales, installation, and service of auto-mowers and battery-operated garden equipment. We have the solutions for all sized properties from your small townhouse yard through to commercial areas including ovals, public spaces and much, much more. You just need to explain your needs to us, and we will be able to provide the ideal solution that covers your entire needs Best of all, we can offer you a FREE DEMONSTRATION of a large range of our range.

Join Us for the Grand Opening of Our BattMow Store

Over two exciting days we’re hosting our launch parties, where you can come down to our brand new store and grab a deal, meet our suppliers, get a drink and a feed, or even win one of our giveaways.

Where: NEW BattMow Store, Factory 8, 10 Speedwell Street, Somerville VIC. 3912

When: 14th and 15th June

Why Garden Tools from BattMow

We are an experienced team of qualified landscapers, turf management and robotic and battery garden care specialists. With over 25 years in the turf and garden industry, owner Darren Morris and his wife Rebecca saw the need to supply both residential and commercial clients with a specialized mower store which is different in many ways from what you are all used to.

Our robotic lawnmowers will make sure that you don't have to worry about how the lawn looks at any time of the year. Instead, you can experience the benefits that come along with a perfect-looking lawn. We always strive to offer an affordable service, which is worth all the spare time we are about to hand to you!

Why should you invest in robotic and battery-operated equipment?

It is high time for you to go ahead and install a robotic lawnmower. It can take good care of your lawn and make sure that you don’t have to worry about it again. Here are some great reasons to invest in a robotic lawnmower.
Time is precious. Why should you spend your time mowing your lawn when you can automate it? Just hand over the task to a robotic lawnmower. You can save hours on the weekend, which you can use to spend more time with loved ones.

We provide only the best quality robotic lawnmowers available out there. As a result, we would ensure that you get all the assistance needed to maintain a healthier lawn. With your lawn being kept at the correct height day in and day out, you will soon see fewer weeds and a much more consistent lawn coverage. 

Our battery-operated robotic lawn mowers are eco-friendly and sustainable when compared to gasoline-powered loud lawn mowers. You can get a better job done without creating a negative impact on the environment.

Our battery-powered garden equipment is powerful and easy to use. They can help you to maintain your lawn without any struggle. These low-maintenance machines due to minimal moving parts mean less overall cost over the lifespan of the machine. 

Battery products have moved in leaps and bounds over the past few years and now are able to give long run times, meaning more productivity. 

Battery products have moved in leaps and bounds over the past few years and now are able to give long run times meaning more productivity.

Types of Garden Power Tools available at BattMow:

All of our products have been hand selected by our specialist lawn and gardens maintenance team to ensure the highest quality operation and performance. At BattMow, you’ll get a wide range of garden power tools for various gardening needs. Here are our top picks:

Experience the cutting-edge of garden care with Husqvarna’s Robotic Lawn Mowers, designed to maintain your lawn with precision and efficiency seamlessly. Trim your grass now with more ease.

Pick from our variety of lawn mowers and grass trimmers, including Husqvarna series, 18V battery lawn mower, and ergonomic battery lawn mower, to keep your lawn looking clean and well-manicured.

Transform your hedge maintenance with our advanced Hedge Trimmers, offering unparalleled precision and ease for shaping and trimming your garden’s natural boundaries.

Leaf Blowers

Effortlessly clear leaves, grass, and debris with our high-powered Blowers, engineered for maximum efficiency and ease of use in maintaining a tidy outdoor space with our leaf blower variety with battery and charger.

Experience unmatched cutting prowess with our Chainsaws, designed for superior performance and durability, ensuring precise and efficient cutting for all your needs.

Shop our range of garden sprayers for water, herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer applications. We have different varieties, including smaller 1.5L handheld sprayers and larger 15L backpack sprayers.

Our range of Husqvarna Battery Equipment and accessories features a selection of high-performance, eco-friendly power tools. These battery-powered devices offer the same power as petrol tools but with zero emissions and reduced noise, making them a sustainable and efficient choice for your gardening needs.

How to get our products?

We offer FREE DEMONSTRATIONS to anyone interested in getting a robotic lawnmower or battery-operated garden equipment. Here are the steps to get it.

1. Finding the right solution

As the first step, you can connect with us and let us know about your specific needs. From here we will take a look at your property and identify your needs and recommend the best solution. From here we will book in a FREE DEMONSTRATION onsite to ensure you are happy with our recommendation. From here, we will supply you with a detailed quote with all options to move forward.

2. Installation

Once you sign off to proceed, our specialists will come to your property and install the robotic lawnmower if this is the chosen product. Other battery equipment will be available for pick up from our store or delivery, depending on your preference. We will also provide training on how to get the most out of it.

3. Maintenance

You can sign up for a maintenance agreement with us which will help ensure your warranty is kept in place and you get the most out of your purchase.

Winner of the Australian Achiever Awards 2023

BattMow has been awarded the 2023 Australian Achiever Award for Excellence in Customer Service in the Landscape, Nursery, Garden Services and Supplies category. BattMow achieved a score of 99.50% for customer relations and service, an outstanding result very few achieve. We’re proud to provide our customers with consistent phenomenal service and to be recognised through this national award.

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